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Koller Care™ Hand Washing Keeps All of Your Oriental & Area Rugs  Koller Clean™ on the Olympic Peninsula

Serving Bainbridge Island, Poulsbo & all of Kitsap & Jefferson County.
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R.H. Koller has been specializing in the care of your area rugs for over 20 years. Our oriental rug cleaning process is done by hand and assures that your rugs will get the gentlest, most thorough cleaning ever.

Locally owned and operated, we have been serving clients from Bainbridge Island to Port Townsend and locations in between. Throughout Kitsap and Jefferson County, we wash and clean all types and styles of area rugs and related textiles, whether it is a 10’ X 24’ antique Persian carpet or a 3’ X 5′ machine made rug. We have cleaned thousands of rugs using many different processes.

We treat each rug as if it were a priceless heirloom, using our knowledge and experience to ensure that you will be satisfied with our services. Our passion for care ensures that every carpet you leave in our hands will be cleaned thoroughly using the best process for your particular piece.

Watch the Hand-Washed Koller Care™ Process in Action

What’s New?

Pro Tip: Do not place tufted rugs directly onto your wall-to-wall carpeting. It can permanently stain the carpeting underneath as you can see in this photo. View this on  Facebook

A nice client brought us a rug with spray paint damage. The first photo here shows the damage that the rug came in with. The second photo was taken during our restoration process and the third photo shows the final results.
  Spray Paint During 3 Spray Paint After

Since its new release, our Website has received high marks for providing helpful information.

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