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Q: When was R.H. Koller founded? What do you consider to be your major milestones in your years of service?

faqA: Our company actually started in 1993 as Island Carpet Care of Bainbridge Island, WA where we rapidly became the most trusted community resource for residential customers. After fielding many inquiries about professional in-plant area rug cleaning, we attended the Auserehlian Rug Cleaning School in Berthoud, CO. Upon the completion of the extensive training offered, we set up our first rug cleaning plant in Suquamish, WA in 1993. We continued to expand upon the knowledge acquired at the Auserehlian School by visiting and networking with scores of local and nationwide cleaners, from coast to coast.

Since those humble beginnings, our services expanded not just around the West Sound region but projects came in from across the country.

With our knowledge from extensive and advanced oriental rug training, we compare notes and methods with other cleaners from Idaho to North Carolina. We have been introduced to new cleaning philosophies and continue to fine tuned our cleaning techniques. The art of washing Oriental rugs is a never-ending learning process and we constantly strive to further our knowledge to ensure that we can offer the finest care possible.

Q: You’ve created one of the only facilities of its kind for rug washing in Washington? What makes this workshop effective for rug cleaning? How was the building designed?

A: Our state-of-the-art workshop is the only facility in Washington designed and built for the sole purpose of hand washing rugs. The industrial scale facilities in the city of Seattle are built for high volume production. These mechanized/automated factory cleaners process hundreds of rugs in a day and most rugs are processed in less then 10 minutes. If you can press a button, you have all the skills necessary to clean a rug there. Our Poulsbo facility was designed after years of knowledge and observing the processes used in old and new rug plants. Our facility is also modular in nature so it can continue to evolve as new techniques, tools and rugs come through its doors.

Q: What is your service area on the Olympic Peninsula? How do rug owners get their carpets to your facility?

A: Rugs can be dropped off at our facility during normal hours of operation. You need to call ahead if you are bringing in a rug that you have just purchased, just brought out of storage or if you don’t know the condition of it. We are extremely protective of our workshop. Poorly stored or unfamiliar rugs can breed uninvited insects which we do not want in our workshop. We offer pick-up and delivery for a service charge any where. We have even picked up rugs from Alaska and Arizona from Air Freight at Sea-Tac.

Q: You talk about “Koller Care” on your website. As a family-owned business, it seems like you are very personally committed to the quality of your work and to customer satisfaction. What does “Koller Care” mean to you?

A: Koller Care means many things. It means that every member of our team has been hired and trained because they have a passion to learn the art and science of rug hand-cleaning, restoration, and excellent customer service. It means going through each step of our methodical Koller Clean process to ensure a thorough dusting and hand washing of your rug has taken place without taking shortcuts. It means being available to answer customer questions and provide superior customer service. It means understanding that our good name and excellent reputation is on the line with every project.