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Storage Preparation

With proper storage, rugs can be stored almost indefinitely. The key is preparation to properly prepare a rug for long-term storage. It must be thoroughly washed and dried. After that process, rugs should be wrapped in a breathable protective wrapping. We recommend Tyvek because it is breathable, has some waterproofing properties, and it is also excellent protection against moth and rodent infestations. Rugs should never be stored in plastic. Wool and other all-natural fibers need to breath and Tyvek has that property, that is why it’s used on homebuilding sites.

The location of where your rug is stored is also very important. It should be stored in an environment that does not have high humidity or great variations in temperature. Rugs should also never be stored on a concrete floor.

Long-term and Short-term Storage

We can provide storage at our facility for your rugs. Whether you’re just refinishing your wood floors or doing an entire home remodel, we can keep your rugs safe, secure, and clean.