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Welcome to the R.H. Koller Building, the headquarters for expert rug cleaning on the Olympic Peninsula. While we’d be happy to show you around in person, please inspect the premises in this virtual tour, a walkthrough of our meticulous, step-by-step, hand washing process, and a bit of the history behind it.

You are now entering the parking lot of the R.H. Koller Building at 473 Edvard Street in Poulsbo.

Since 1993, R.H. Koller has been providing quality rug washing services in Kitsap and Jefferson Counties.

We built our state-of-the-art facility in 2006. The high beams enable us to hang dry large area rugs as well as inspect and groom them in a vertical position.

The R.H. Koller hand cleaning process starts by thoroughly dusting your rugs. Most foreign material found in rugs is removed by this important step.

 Your rugs fringe is hand cleaned and washed.

Rugs are flooded with our gentle cleaning solution and allowed to dwell.

We also flip the rugs over to wash and rinse the backs too. After an appropriate soaking, rinsing on our sloped wash floor ensures that only clean soft water replaces removed spots and soils.

Rugs are hand groomed and hung to dry using warm dehumidified air. 

On summer days we’ll even use the sun. 

We also offer repair and restoration.

Rug pads for all flooring types, storage preparation, as well as pick up and delivery for larger rugs are all a part of Koller Care.